The Loose Dog PV

Ok guys as promise. But first I want to apologize for taking too long to upload it here. With average 2 – 5kbps from torrent it tokes days to complete it lol.

download here

I just watched first episode. The story of Major follows the life of Goro Honda, who wants to be a professional baseball player like his father. This anime got 4 season total and season 5 currently on air in Japan. After watched three seasons I could said this is one of my favorite sport anime. All season is related, Gora Hando the main character started to like baseball when he was in kindergarten until he was in major league (season 4). I recommend watching all three season first but for me 1st season is the best among all three.

This song is ending theme for season 4. It’s a nice song btw. Hope you all enjoy it. I will upload mp3 file later.

One Day - The Loose Dogs